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Best-Log is a Company name that stands for Innovation, a business partner synonymous with trust and reliability. We are rightly proud of our Germanic roots and the reputation we've built over the years - 'Vorsprung Durch Technik' (progress through technology).

A Partnership is a two-way thing built upon honesty and integrity. Specialist logistics are maintained through true professionalism where attention to detail is crucial.

At Best-Log, we listen!

  1. we acknowledge even the smallest of detail and ensure it is acted upon
  2. we provide a comfortable working relationship where new ideas are developed and discussed
  3. we identify solutions and spontaneously carry them out
  4. we follow through and ensure prompt delivery at the agreed destination - even when the arrangements were made far in advance

The exacting standards we set ourselves are no more than you'd expect from a specialist logistic service provider. This is particularly true when it comes to our professional, all round service for every type of vehicle we care for upon behalf of our clients. Mercedes Benz powered tractor trailer

At Best-Log, we not only offer that special 'expertise' in the handling and care of your vehicles, we equally act as a true outsource partner, who cares and feels as strongly as you do that every aspect of your plans are executed flawlessly throughout.

You will feel the difference!

  1. Europe wide Direct-Transport
  2. Integrated logistics
  3. 100% wholly-owned truck and vehicle fleet
  4. Large and safe storage facilities worldwide
  5. Optical preparation of vehicles
  6. Light mechanical works
  7. Photo Studio and Showroom with lighting effect technologies
  8. Special equipment for photo and film productions

Our Vision
Human Capital is our greatest asset and our most valued staff are the ones who want to progress and develop with us. The ones who are not ashamed to come up with ideas; the ones who are mindful of the bigger picture. These employees will be invested in, rewarded and trained through the internal development programme resulting in qualifications Relevant to the 'Outside World'. Our aim is to secure the most skilled employees aligned to our Company, now and in the future.

We Operate the most 'Eco Friendly' and reliable fleet of 'Enclosed' LGV's in the Industry. We are diverse enough to ensure the company survives recessions whilst still working for Whom we want.

Our Philosophy
Our staff are our most valuable asset The automobile world is ever evolving, with changes in technology and business practices which provide an increasingly complex environment to operate, no matter what level on the supply chain a provider exists. Technology and people, organisation and a high degree of flexibility must be combined in harmony with optimal use of resources to provide customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to achieve these demands day-by-day with best-in-class performance with each employee at Best-Log contributing their part. This commitment is not a matter of course but is compulsory to our corporate culture.

Best-Log understands its role and, in particular, its need to act responsibly. Our business practices are designed to sustain a healthy Company and return a sensible profit. Equally so, we care for the interests of people and the environment.

Our goals include creating employment opportunities through new and innovative services that position Best-Log as a single source provider for the various logistical needs of our clients throughout the automobile industry.

For the future, it is particularly important to us to be a reliable service provider and a stable employer so that we can cope with the coming challenges of an ongoing expanding logistics market worldwide. Our strategy is that of stable and judicious growth, with future, and customer orientated investments.

Our Strategy
Diversity through investment, reliability and Eco friendliness.

Best Log (UK) Ltd GIT (Goods in Transit) and CMR insurance are covered under the German Freight Forwarders Standard Terms & Conditions - ADSp. We are also covered as airfreight forwarders under the Montreal Convention. Our Insurance liability maxima are:

If you require confirmation or sight of our insurance, please contact Mark Tricker (Training & Compliance Manager) at


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