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With secure storage facilities located in Munich, Cologne, Chichester and Los Angeles, Best-log has the capacity to store and care for customer's valuable cars throughout much of Western Europe and the United States. Our main office in Munich has over 35,000 Square meters of reliable, safe, and protective storage facilities.

With all of our storage facilities, we offer optimal preparation and technical services. Whether you are planning a high profile event or simply requiring safe and secure storage, we can prepare your vehicles to their required showcase condition and keep them safe as per your requirements. Our skilled professionals provide a dedicated 'best in class' service at all times.

Wherever the final destination of your vehicles(s), you can rest assured that we will guarantee the safety of your vehicle and its documents as well as dealing with the regulations and specifications for its destined event. This includes all preparation and dispatch via air or sea freight.

Profit from our experience! Through the combination of the various services we offer, you will receive a professional logistics experience and financial advantage from one provider with a single information supply chain.

Care and consideration of your vehicle    Care and consideration of your vehicle    Care and consideration of your vehicle


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